Another report that blames educators for drop out rates...but wait...

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Terry Carlile

Providing over 30 years of experience in people endeavors.

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"I watched Terry interact with dozens of youth during four interactive workshops. His ability to engage, entertain and teach was most impressive! His energy and genuine concern to intersect their thinking and challenge them was amazing to observe. 

I can understand why youth and adults benefit from his workshops."

Stephanie C.  Education Professional 2/17/18

1) Is the hiring, onboard process and turnover rate stressing you out?

2) Do you want to have a workforce program design that actually empowers people instead of keeping them unemployed or in poverty cycle?

3) Are toxic people draining your staff?

4) Do you want to set the standards of work performance that exceeds the expectations?

5) Need a highly effective keynote, trainer, workshop facilitator?

Then Welcome to TLC Solutions!

Highlights from the Texas Career Educators Conference in Fort Worth on July 25, 2018:

Thank you for sharing. Great information and ideas. Thank you! Love it!

Laughter improves learning and retention of knowledge. Excellent adjunct to my classroom management training.

Thank you for showing us that reaching and making a difference can be fun and meaningful! Both sessions (1, 2) of the entire conference! Loved the pipe collaboration activity. Awesome activities to take back to the class! (Zom/LI).

2nd year teaching CTE: great group activity ideas. Also ways to work with students “one on one” when they are struggling.  Wonderful presentation! I wish I had this presentation before I taught my first class.

As a new teacher without ideas on how to reach kids, this would have helped me connect with kids in a positive meaningful way.   Enjoyed this presentation. I love group activities. Great!

Great session! Quitter’s affidavit-great reality check for our kids!! Loved the ideas to use in class! Great workshop!

Love the activities! Great and fun workshop to implement n my classroom. This workshop was filled with energy!

Love it! Your newsletters and being bold and funny help me in the classroom. I loved the passion & energy!

Fun…cant decide which activity to use first! I like the idea of putting “lessons” into visual, tactile terms.

Love the activities and information.  Loved the examples!  Very informative. Motivational and has energized me for another year!