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"Just Deal With It?" 

The Beverly 
Hillbillies and
the Poverty Cycle

Excerpt from “Just Deal With It?”

One of the most watched 1960’s television sitcoms was based on a family who found sudden riches and moved to a lofty neighborhood. The opening song reminded you of the story that was the foundation of the show. Each episode was based on taking ‘poor’ people out of the “poverty”…while their adjustment to “riches” was met with a great deal of challenge. 

When you think about the characters of the show, reflect on the various personalities involved in your work with those in poverty.

How do these characters represent those in the cycle?
Mrs. Drysdale
Ellie Mae
Mr. Drysdale
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"Overcoming toxic systems and getting real about integrity with Federal, State and other funded programs is a necessity for survival.” author Terry Carlile states.

Taking some of his 25 years experience and most requested training workshop material and produced a book that will be a resource for anyone who works with people. It’s written by someone who served on the front lines of at-risk population programs.

Discover how to restore quality service, accountability and developing trust in people serving programs. TLC Solutions doesn't hold any opinions back, but also offers how to get it done.

Terry provides fresh perspectives and practical application to the front lines of people serving communities.  They work because they are common sense approaches.


1 He’s Naked - the need to get honest about our programs
2 Failure to Launch - designing your whole operation for successful completions, not continuing the poverty cycle
3 Perspectives –
five illustrations to understand the work involved in the people service industry
4 Leadership –
what kind are you? What is your staff needing?
5 Working with the Unemployed –
identify who wants to work, the grieving cycle and ways to get them back in the job market
6 Dilemmas to Deal With –
6 scenarios and 35 dilemmas…what would you do?
7 The Poverty Matrix –
understanding the poverty cycle, do our programs enable people to stay in the poverty cycle or empower them to break free? Some solutions are provided to address the key issues
8 The Nigerian Experience
– details about what I learned from the conference the people and the determination to obtain education in order to break out of poverty
9 Life Illustrations –
most requested top 25 illustrations shared at conferences, great resource for those who work with people (see resource page for examples)
10 Group Activities & Games
– our 25 engaging team building exercises, most original and effective
​​11 Restoring “It” –
determining your motivating factor, dealing with stress and staying healthy