CSCOPE August 7 & 8, 2013

Great job!

Helpful as well as pleasant

So funny!

Great humorous touch to the serious info

Gonna share acronyms, create a class mission statement, would love students to see schools in 3rd world countries

I really enjoyed this presentation   Good job, funny, real! Thank you!

Great presentation, truly appreciate this presentation.

Love it to the end!!!

I am an administrator and I think that a lot of these items will also fit into how I handle student discipline. Thank you

​Mr Carlile you are an excellent presenter. You are very motivating, and help me be engaged. You are a reaper for students. Thank you for your inspiration!

I will add it to next week's campus staff development.

Enjoyed your presentation.

Lively, engaging, entertaining, a very nice presentation

Very practical information to have for dealing with at-risk youth and keeping them engaged.

You are very enthusiastic - that motivates us!

Hit some very good, broad ideas of what causes/cures engagement issues. Would love to spend more time with you on this topic for more specific policies procedures.

I am encouraged, but more so I am challenged to an influencer.

I appreciated the humor but also the reality. You empowered me to
believe in myself to keep the expectations high for our kids.

Meaningful to me as educator and a parent


ideas! These ideas will work well with my students
I am one year back teaching after four years away and attending my 30 yr class reunion Sat. Thank you for putting things back in perspective for me me in this.
Like the fishsticks vs pappadeux scenario & rearview mirror
I have a job where I with 100% at risk students. This workshop really hit home with some of the situations I deal with on a daily basis with youth.
Would have liked a handout listing each technique/lesson
Lots of fun!!
Very inspirational. Teachers are more than subject area experts.
Thanks, Terry!   I enjoyed this presentation.  Great job!
Great job! Roadkill exists 2013. Mr. Carlile did an excellent job! He is one of the best presenters I have ever attended in my years of teaching. He uses a lot of prior knowledge to help better assess students in a lot of the classroom.
I work with middle school students so some of the illustrations that may be inappropriate, but I liked some of the ideas that I can modify and use.
So amazing! I need to hear this! It reminds me why I teach and love it!
Great presentation, out of all the ones I went to yours was the best. In fact I brought my administrators to know what all I was talking about.
I can't wait to share what I've learned with other teachers; it's more important than teaching sci/math/subjects
I look forward to inviting you to work with our EAST TEXAS teachers. Thanks!
Come to my town and talk to 12-40 year olds
Cool instruction to use for our high school students
Great examples to use to illustrate choices for young people and prompt thought
Good, relatable examples, gonna use for parent/student conferences
Awesome and motivational workshop!!!
This was amazing! Thank you for sharing your experiences and wisdom!
Will be using many illustrations with teachers to help them realize where they are and how they can help their students
Gotta share ​Has helped me to prioritize my life in order to get better, something needs to change. Ex: find better ways to deal with stress Please send me all pdfs
Your workshop encouraged me to monitor, not only my own stress, but that of my loved ones
As you said, the info wasn't new but something we all need to hear, thank you!
Will certainly share all aspects when a person or peer is experiencing undue stressors
Helped with dealing with personal stress
Great session
​I like your stories! I already knew a lot of the info.
Thanks for the reminders.   Great presentation
Things I wish were answered: how do you take things off your plate if your boss put them there? It's hard to make time for yourself if there isn't any time left in the day.
Thanks for the reminder of taking care of myself. I look forward to reading your book
Good stuff
Use with teachers during workshops along with what stress does to brain
Awesome! Enjoyed it. Gave some good times for d-stressing
Thank you for encouraging us to maintain balance in our lives and be an encouragement to others
A few more examples on how to relieve stress rather than just telling us we have to relieve it
He was very entertaining. Personal examples

​Family Consumer Science Education Conference, Dallas, Aug 1
Life  Illustrations

Very interesting, engaging, new ideas, loved the new ideas!
An excellent presentation. I will use these illustrations.
Love it! I absolutely teach using some of my own illustrations!
Best workshop!     
Fun and inspiring. Thanks a million!
Excellent!       Motivating!
Great presentation. Way to keep us involved in the class.
Fun & energetic, useful and relatable resources.
Great - enjoyed all the teachable moments! Awesome!
Loved it! Great for my students.
Very motivational & great ideas that can be applied to students' lives everyday!
Excellent! Fun, practical, easy tools to make impacts on peoples thinking.
Love the ideas. Awesome :)
The illustrations are fun and very attention getting. I can't wait to read the book.
Great enthusiasm!       
Great job, thanks for coming!
Great ideas - thanks    
Fun, entertaining, motivational realistic
Great job of engaging everyone! This applies to everything!
Love your energy! Common sense isn't so common, it's nice to see someone with common sense these days!
Good reminder to address the heart of our students - I totally agree
Loved the ideas and enthusiasm
Great! Made me laugh! Good info!
Loved the humor and "easy to relate to" techniques. Fun!!!
Fun, practical, very genuine
Great presentation - I really enjoyed it and have inspiration & enthusiasm when we go back to school
Awesome presenter! Great real-life applications to use in class.
Enjoyed your presentation! I plan to look for teachable moments.
Fun ideas kids will love!      Absolutely fantastic! Thank you!
Very enjoyable! Very applicable to a high school classroom!  Thank you!
I came to conference for motivation for the year. This session gave it to me! Thanks!
So excited to put my toolbox together
Great ideas - enjoyed it :)         Great fun informative
I took more notes in your class than I have in years. Thanks! For being here. I learned a lot.
Will work harder on those teachable  moments.
Great information and enjoyable
Great presentation!                Creative ideas
Good, creative ideas to use with my career prep & ready, set, teach.
Loved it! Easy. Well organized delivery to incorporate in lesson/tool box.
Keeping it "possible" to reach all students. Keep it positive to empower teacher that have what it takes to make and connect

Can our students compete in the global challenge? FSC Dallas Aug 1

Great workshop, good info.   
Great content, very encouraging.
Good info to help my students
Very energtic and applicable information
This will help me adjust my own thinking
Thought provoking
Thank you! You related to me right where  I am; made me laugh and encouraged me!
Inviting and friendly
Related to all your comments. It has reinforced some of the things I am doing.
Engaging, witty and easy to follow. Information is practical and applicable

Connect Youth With Careers 

FSC Aug 1
Information was practical and useful
Thank you for providing refreshing information on empowering my students!
Wonderful enthusiasm! Great resources.
I really enjoyed both of your presentations that I attended!


Terry Carlile is the best presenter here
Dynamic, real, needed and relevant to the education world.
Awesome ideas
So entertaining, needed a bigger room.
Loved your energetic personality, great job. I am a
professional communication teacher and I plan to use these
games in my classroom. Allison @ Redoak ISD
This presenter was awesome
Loved the group work ideas. Will definitely use this year.
Loved all four of your sessions. Upbeat and information.
Purchased our book - thanks!
Great occasional Friday activities
Great team work activities, I will use them all in my class.
Come back next year.
Enjoyed group activities. Like hands on workshops, humor and
Very entertaining and interesting info. Good team building ​activities.
Enjoyed it. Great ideas for team building and impacting kid's lives.
Very good.
Pipeline project will be used as a warm up activity.
Good presenter and ideas.
Thoroughly enjoyed
Wonderful presenter.
I will use pipeline the first day of school.
Excellent fun and informative.
Very useful and practical.
Great ideas to implement.
Fabulous presenter with fabulous information.
Thank you! Good activities.
Thanks for your positivity
Good presentation.
Great way for students to learn many skills, such as: teamwork, communication, problem solving, etc.
Very enjoyable.
Very interactive activities, enjoyed it
Loved all of your workshops
Good job
Looking for this. I do my own but always need fresh ideas. I want to make this a routine team day.
As an engineering teacher, teamwork is a key to success.
Loved some of the ideas.
Enjoyed the session. Loved the hands on. Terry was excellent.