My dad (Korean Navy Vet, twin brother (Photographer's Mate) and myself in 1979.

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When I got out of the Navy in 1987, it was a workforce center that helped me obtain my first civilian job. It wasn't my perfect fit, but after two weeks of doing the job well, an opportunity opened up in the public affairs department...which was my Navy job. Due to being a consistent and hard worker, I had a great review from my manager. Plus with my Navy experience...and got the job!

Reality: I stayed away from the workforce center due to false perceptions about them. Strangely, the unknown or our perceptions can prevent us from obtaining the assistance we need as we transition.

I've assisted Veterans whether homeless or just acquaintances for years. Because I am a veteran and have worked in workforce solutions for years and I believe in serving others.

While volunteering at the Redneck Country Club job fair in August, there were almost 100 employers seeking Veterans. We had hundreds of job seekers attend.

I assisted in "coaching" many seekers with their opening statement, cutting out the '...aaaahhhhs..." with a positive streamlined summary of what they are looking for. I reviewed some resumes also.

I asked if Veterans were registered with Work In Texas, sadly, many replied no.

So here are some links to resources in the Houston region for Veterans. Mainly workforce related.

IF you are not satisfied with the service, contact me and I'll personally assist you in your resume, job interviewing tips and best job search leads. MAKE SURE you do your due diligence first in contacting these super organizations.

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My Navy Veteran Summary:   

Journalist, Honor Discharge

Advanced in rank from E-1 to E-6 in 6 years. DD-214 available.

Two deployments: Persian Gulf and NATO (Northern Europe) and 5 years at Naval Air Station, Meridian, MS
Obtained Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist designation, received several awards, medals and commendations
Developed daily news onboard ships and operated closed circuit television system while performing all other tasks required as a shipmate (security watch, radar operator, damage control party, etc.)
Provided all photography and darkroom work and editor of cruise book and intelligence photographer
Directed tours on the ship while in foreign ports for up to 1,000 visitors daily
Served as editor Naval Air Station Newspaper and conducted media/public tours

USS MacDonough (DDG-39) 80-82   Persian Gulf deployment

USS Charles F. Adams (DDG-2)  83  NATA deployment

Naval Air Station, Meridian, MS  Base/Air Wing Journalist  84-87


You (job seeker), review the attributions that hiring a veteran brings to an employer. You can intertwine some of the information in your presentation.

From Texas Workforce Commission:

Benefits of Hiring Veterans

Employers recognize the value military service brings to the workplace. Veterans bring experience, skills and leadership abilities that strengthen the Texas workforce.

Why Hire a Veteran?

Leadership — veterans are trained to be leaders and managers.
Professionalism — veterans know the importance of integrity and respect, respect that gives your team a winning edge.
Responsibility — veterans know what it means to be accountable for valuable human and material resources.
Mission-Critical Skills — veterans undergo trade-related and technical training that often relates directly to civilian jobs.
Physical Conditioning — veterans know the value of being in top physical condition and drug free.
Can-Do Attitude — veterans carry and apply a positive attitude to get the job done.
Calm under Fire — veterans are steady, cool, and collected. Handling stress is all in a day’s work for veterans.
First-Class Image — veterans don't have to be reminded to get a haircut. Whether in uniform or a business suit, veterans know how to dress for success.
On Time, All the Time — veterans know that every second counts and will be there on time.
Global Perspective — veterans are tuned in to the forces and events that shape the global market.


10 Reasons to Hire Vets

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Work In Texas

Register online for job notices and other assistance. Your workforce center can assist, see next link:

Houston/Galveston Workforce Solutions Centers

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Texas Veterans Portal

For Texas Veterans commission: representatives, job search and other resources.

Or email Rufus Guebara III,  

Catholic Charities Women Veteran Services

(Fort Bend)  Susan Jaroszewski

Veterans Employment Skills Converter

Enter your service job information and see comparative civilian skills. This will assist you in wording your resume and answers to interview questions.

Camp Hope

Need assistance with PTSD and other issues?

Wounded Warrior Project

A variety of resources from job assistance and more!

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